Thrive market


Role: Concept development. Building computer model. Lighting design. Furniture selection/layout. photoshop/rendering

Programs: Revit, Photoshop 

In the last couple of years, brick and mortar shops have been replaced by the convenience of online retail and temporary pop-up shops. Thrive Market, an online grocery store that ships to your door, is a prime example of this phenomenon-- customers can scroll the isles instead of strolling. 


Creating a physical store for this company then, became about offering a unique enough experience for customers so they would want to go grocery shopping, instead of viewing it as a chore. Retail in this space promotes learning, experimenting, and connecting.


The architecture and layout of the building is designed to promote changing art instillations.  

Thrive market is made up of two sides. The right side of the store is inspired by outdoor farmers' markets and cafes. The left side of the store has more of an urban aesthetic, complemented with shipping containment inspired booths and picnic table seating. 

The vendors within the store are categorized by food preferences and restrictions--modeled after the online website where guests can shop by these same filters. 

booths at night.jpg