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Ranch-Way Feeds is a historic mill converted to support a restaurant, coffee shop, retail space, climbing gym, event space, and indoor farmer's market. The mill opened in 1864, and originally produced flour, before switching to animal feed in 1984. This building represents the changes Fort Collins has gone through as a city, and reminds our town of our agricultural roots. My hope for the Ranch-Way feeds redesign is it would become a landmark for Fort Collins-- a place that would be recognizable, represent our past and current culture, and become a gathering place for both tourists and locals. 

Check out the current site and how it inspired the final design proposal. 

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Brings the community together to share a meal, drink, book, game, or experience. 


Honors Fort Collins' history and embraces the current culture.


Seen throughout the city. Becomes an icon for Fort Collins

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first floor

floor plan1.jpg

retail area

Lindell's coffee shop

sheepmen cafe

silo climbing gym


Lindell's Bakery, and sheepmen Cafe are both inspired by the Cache la Powder River. The river is a central part to Fort Collins' history and a popular destination for recreation. The river runs right behind Ranch-Way Feeds, and originally powered the mill when it was run by a water wheel. 

The Poudre River was named by French fur trappers, who stopped along the river to lighten their load in the early 1800s. The name is French for "where the gun-powder is stashed". The concept for these spaces incorporates this story, and draws from the idea associated with stated good, agriculture, old buying and baking tradition, and French culture. 

"while brainstorming design elements for the space, I drew out items I associated with my main concepts collected from the building's history. From there, I abstracted these items to create the design features seen in the final renderings".
lindell's coffee shop
stack & plank hallway
sheepmen cafe


Recipe-hutch copy.png

guests can sign the guestbook on-top of the hutch, and leave a compliment to their chef. 

leaving a legacy

Besides recipes for the food they enjoyed in the cafe, the recipe cards highlight other old-fashioned treats that can be enjoyed at home. This encourages families and friends to continue their experience long after they leave the walls of Ranch-Way Feeds

old fashioned fun

Some of the ingredients are items that can be purchased from Lindell's bakery and coffee shop. The vintage packaging and display creates an experience for customers that brings them back to the early 1900s. 

vintage goods
recipe hutch
vintage receipts

For years Ranch-Way Feeds used paper receipts for transactions. By using this method throughout the building, it creates a nostalgia and a more authentic feeling experience for guests. 


floor 2

retail/food market

indoor/outdoor garden seating

floor 3


freemason Lounge

freemason hallway

secret hallway

rock climbing balcony


freemason lounge

concept: secrecy & exclusivity

Historical research of the building uncovered that the Freemasons used to rent out the 3rd floor to host their meetings.

The Freemasons are a part of a secret fraternity that was founded in the 14-th century. With the use of secret handshakes, heavy cloaks, and membership medallions, this group has naturally attracted suspicion and rumors. 

The concept for this space draws from these principles, to create a unique and almost eerie experience for guests. 

the secret hallway
"I don't think we're
supposed to go in there"

From the main stairwell, guests first enter the third floor and find this hallway. It's intentionally designed to look out of the building's program. The "employees only" sign, hanging tools, and loose equipment, make the space feel off-limits to guests.

However, to continue on to the Freemason bar, guest will have to enter the door that says "no trespassing". This creates a sense of risk in guests that will be rewarded as they stumble upon the next hallway. 

This feeling guest have of confusion and risk was inspired by the bar's concept of secrecy and exclusivity. 

the portrait hallway
"It looks like that guy is staring at me"

Once​​ guests make it through the first hallway, they enter into this portrait gallery. Vintage, over-sized, photos and painting of past Masonic Members line both side of the walls. 

On an overhead speaker, a muffled voice is talking, and its sounds like a meeting is happening on the other-side of the wall. 

Finally, guest tip-toe around the empty velvet chair and slide back the heavy curtains to enter into the lounge. These additional barriers were included to reinforce the exciting, and somewhat uneasy, feeling that comes with uncovering a secret. 


the silo

7 stories tall

5 programs rich

silo- floor 1

floor plan1.jpg