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rendering of LS

Project: Tap room

Location: Fort Collins, CO. 



Lost Scout is a national-park themed mead bar, located in Downtown Fort Collins. This Colorado town is known for its plethora of outdoor activities, access to Rocky Mountain National Park, and booming craft scene.

Working on this project as an independent contractor for Urban Rural Architecture, I took this opportunity as a chance to explored my own ideas for Lost Scout's branding and interior design. 

original logo
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Before approaching the interior design, the focus for the project was investing additional concept into the logo.


Branding is an important preliminary phase in the design process because it sets subtle, and sometimes dramatic, expectations for customers. Sometimes even before they enter the space or interact with goods and services. It's a first impression, and should be considered the cornerstone to the rest of the design process. 

NEW logo

The inspiration for the new logo came from the boy-scout tradition of story-telling-- specifically through the use of shadow-puppets. A compass felt like a too literal representation the concept "being lost on an adventure". My intent with the shadow puppet was to represent the idea of being lost in a less literal way-- like getting lost in conversation... That is of course, after being a couple of meads in, and the college stories start to come out. 

Concept development 

the concept

"Design that reflects our experiences outdoors, and a floor plan that encourages us to share them".  

Whether someone has experience in the group or not, the boy-scouts became a source of inspiration for the design, bringing in a level of nostalgia and story that any audience can recognize and appreciate. 


The challenge for the design was creating a space that told a clear story, without becoming overly thematic, or cliche.

To accomplish this, I incorporated a vintage and minimalistic design aesthetic, therefore making the thematic nature of the boy-scout and wilderness narratives feel more authentic and natural. 


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