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Thrive Market

In the last couple of years, brick and mortar shops have been replaced by the convenience of online retail and temporary  pop-up shops. Thrive Market, an online grocery store that ships to your door, is a prime example of this phenomenon- customers can scroll the isles instead of strolling.


Creating a physical store for this company then, became about offering a unique enough experience for customers so they would  want to go grocery shopping, instead of viewing it as a chore.  Retail in this space promotes learning, experimenting, and connecting. 


Rifle Paper Co. is known for their quirky and charming illustrations.  Patterns from their company were used throughout the space to create band identity. Neutral tones and materials balance out the competing patterns, and make the space feel more refined. 


Leather co.

This is a concept retail space for Saddleback Leather Company. They're know for their quality leather bag products, and timeless design. The prices of their products range from $40-$900. Therefore, the space needed to feel high-end, classic,  and sophisticated to reinforce the client's expectations. 


This 25'x15' farmhouse addition is the perfect guest house or rentable space as an AirBnB. The mix of raw and refined materials makes this space feel comfortable and cozy, while still giving guests an elevated experience. Straw baskets, antiqued wood, and classic art finish off the space to truly create a nostalgic atmosphere. 

Programs used: 

Chief Architect, Photoshop.

Ginger & Baker

A nostalgic country inspired bakery concept with whimsical pops of colors. Located in Down town Fort Collins, CO.


This is a full renovation project in the Campus West area, near CSU in Fort Collins, CO. This college rental is full of charm, and is strategically located near a park and bus stop. Antique items from CSU's surplus store were added and replicated to finish off the space! 


Will computers ever over-throw the human race?

If they did, would they be more productive? Faster? Less inclined to take sick days?

This quirky photo series takes a less sinister look at the idea of computers replacing their human counterparts--and instead insinuates that maybe there is no such thing as perfection. Even computers take long lunches, and show up to work late.


This is a quick rendering of a current client's kitchen. The purpose is to show a general idea of the layout, color scheme, and materials used in the space. 

Programs used: Chief Architecture, iMovie maker.


This small optometrist office was looking for a fresh renovation to better connect to the youthful and trendy clientele they were hoping to attract. A neutral color palette was used to keep the space feeling "Colorado casual".  To check out the finished product click the link below!

custom builds

These designs focus on experiential moments that connect people to their surroundings and each other. 

union station renovation

Joining a design competition my Freshman year, I used Photoshop (the only design program I knew at the time) to come up with a redesign plan for the Daltile competition. I didn't win..but I sure did learn a lot about photoshop!