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co.madsen.m@gmail.com / 970.988.0391 



Hi there! My favorite way to get to know someone, is to ask what their middle school email was. Mine was Hoodlem45@hotmail.com. I was a wannabe rascal. I have since changed my email; but, my quirky and light-hearted spirit remains strong and evident in my designs. 

My journey as a designer started in high school when I connected a bunch of seemingly scattered passions of mine. At that time, I had just scored a perfect 5 on my AP studio art exam, won an entrepreneurial scholarship from Otterbox, and was planning all of my school's events as class president. I was loving life, and dreading the fact that I couldn't triple major in college. However, I realized that I could try to combine my love for the fine arts, business strategy, and creating experiences for people into one career...


Bada bing, bada boom-- I stepped into interior design

My Sophomore year of college, I led my first commercial design project, and was pleasantly surprised to see how much business strategy and experience planning went into the concept for the space. I have been able to integrate my love for the fine arts into my designs by including murals, custom light fixtures, and art installations into my plans. During my time at CSU, I have taken classes in metal smithing, pottery, and wood-shop. It's interesting to see how learning these skills, impact how I am able to design  back in the design lab. I better understand how something would be built, what materials could support the function, and how it will wear.     

The same has been true in other disciples as well. My past four years in school has taught me that even things like sustainability, politics, human health, and technology have a role in design. It's exciting to me that 



Commercial Design / Residential Design 

Staging / Decorating

Branding / Logos

  Custom Art

Current obsessions

Primitive wood kitchen items / High top Nikes

Gnomes / Dogs with real people names

Portland / Schoolhouse Electric / Pretzels

Disney (always) / Vintage packaging design


The only thing I like wearing more than physical hats, is metaphorical hats. I like design because it gives me the chance to explore and learn multiple things in different disciplines. Here are some of the things I enjoy solving design solutions with